VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3 If not any of the links redrict you to the videos,

it is probly for youtube have removde the video.

We will reupload it A.S.A.P!

Watch the video who will change your "Trading Life" and which Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the fake mainstrem media try to hide and cencur!

Due to the fact that Youtube & Facebook removes and bans our videos and accounts, we have to find out our own ways to reach out to you. The only way will be that we will broadcast our video Live, every evening in 3 or 4 days in raw. You can watch our information video here until the next Live broadcast! For getting updates about the LiveSession, Please join our Facebook Group or visit us here!


Next Live Session:

Don't miss our Live Sessions if your intrested in those Videos who was the reason for "them" to blocked and shut down all our youtube, facebook, G-mail & Google+ accounts!




Next Live Session: Tomorrow 22/7-2018

at 19:00 (7 pm ) London Time (CET)




Your Doorway To The Financial World

Let's Trade Together!


QST (Quality Stock Tips) and QST FX are both 2 diffrente educational trading communities available on Facebook and 100% free of charge.


As we all know, that the global elite community, the banksters, and the gangster, backed up by there own media channels (due to the fact that they own all global media, banks and political power)has built up an unfair system.


The very result of that sick system is the hunger and starvation, the wars and killing we see all over the world. And if someone dear to criticize them or find a better way out, and an easy way to earn money, that person will be attacked, humiliated, and ridiculed!


Me, QST and our members are those persons, and we have found out how you can trade the financial market, no complicated and with no investments. We don't require you to deposit € 3.000 as many another dose.


We will also never ever charge you for our services, it's not your money we interested in, it's their money we want, we only need your support!




From the minute that we started to share our thoughts and our winning tips on the Internet, the mainstream media started a war against me, with the mission to drag my name personally and the whole group through the dirt! The Swedish TV4 and the most known newspapers started to do programs and published articles full of lies, lies which you easily could debunk!

When the mainstream media failed, and when we just grew bigger, they took in the heavy artillery. YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK. Now both Youtube and Facebook blocked our accounts and remove all our educational videos and all other videos.



Of course, they hate us, we tell you the truth about the market, about your broker and we give you REAL winning tips! Our last video lasted for a couple of hours. As soon as we try to reach out to the global, English speaking community, we made it worse.


Now it is time for revenge and we have made 3 videos, explaining all and guiding you. But "They" whoever they are, doesn't want you to know about that stuff we talk about!


Join our 100% free of charge educational Online´Live courses S.Y.W.B.T8 So You Wanna Be a Trader? And PPB (Project PayBak) where you get paid trading for us!


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